Office Hours - Four

First Name: Eric GTA Office Hours: In building a program now for 6 years. We have done some things right as we continue to get better. My question is how to you continue to build those elite level (though they are few in number) but at the same time build those that are new? Is there a way to do it without having two separate practices? How do you still build team unity?


First Name: Bob

GTA Office Hours: Coach, I know this is a big subject. Do you have any advice on how to better retain our athletes at the youth level? Thank you.


First Name: Craig

GTA Office Hours: What do you think is more important for kids under 10, practicing and drilling or tournaments and matches? Should I have them attend a tournament every weekend or have a nice practice on the weekend? Keep in mind there are kids at various levels but I can't be at both.


First Name: Jim

GTA Office Hours: Coach, Give me an example or two of what you would put the Hawkeyes through for conditioning just before the season starts and during season and just before Nationals.


First Name: Wes

Question: The one thing I am having trouble with is having wrestlers participate in the off season and in our USA Wrestling program, any suggestions?


 First Name: Daniel

Question: I take the opposite side high crotch, and I don't know any one else who can do it as good as me and no one knows when it is coming, but I can't practice it, I can only do it in a match.. And all the take downs I do practice don't really help me. What take down do you think I should try to practice and master?


 First Name: andrew

Question: I want to be amazing with my shots and on bottom I always having a problem shooting and I always get stuck on bottom do you have any ideas or techniques I should practice


First Name: Greg

Question: I have been coaching for 20 years and we are a decent program that always has some good individuals but have not been able to break into the elite top 10 in Ohio. I have a strong youth program and I need a system that will compliment the system we have in place. I also need some advice on how to keep #'s up.


First Name: Dylan

Question: Hey I wrestle for high school and I don't really like taking shots can you tell me some other take downs I can do with out having to take a shot