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July 2021 Masterclass: 7 Steps to Engineering Confidence and Mental Toughness

June 2021 Masterclass: Gable adjusts after #10 & Gable Focus

May 2021 Masterclass – Interview with Coach Bradshaw On How He Uses ASW Tools

April 2021 Masterclass: Freestyle/Greco Season Preparation

March 2021: Season Evaluation

January 2021: Non-contact practice/Setting up a practice

January 2021: Developing a Technical Blueprint

December 2020: Team Meeting Zoom Example

November 2020: How To Best Utilize The Member’s Area

Peaking Secrets

August 2021 Peaking Secrets: Dan Gable’s timeless tactics for developing independence and eternal drive (Part 1)

July 2021 Peaking Secrets: What Wrestling Coaches Can Learn From Top CEOs

June 2021 Peaking Secrets: Coaches Intervention?: How to Guide Your Athletes to Making the Right Choices

Great coaching is just borrowing and sharing ideas, but for some reason, every tries to hide the soft skills. What we do behind the scenes trickles down to our athletes, and I see no reason not to share my “secrets”. That’s why I put together Episode 23 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast – the first in a four-part series about classified coaching. In this episode, you’ll learn trade secrets about helping your athletes come to their own conclusions. By the end, you’ll be able to steer each athlete in the right direction… without them ever realizing it.

Here’s what else you’ll find in this episode:

  • 4:38 – The Jedi mind tricks to help your kids do what’s best for themselves
  • 7:25 – Navigating burn out
  • 8:22 – What marketing and sales have to do with wrestling 
  • 10:20 – My favorite Gable anecdote – that time he steered me into the right weight class without any pushing
  • 14:35 – The importance of off-season planning and reflection
  • 16:22 – Coaching lessons I learned as an NCAA athlete
  • 18:04 – What if you have to address a problem head-on?
  • 19:07 – Balancing the needs of the team with the needs of the individual

May 2021 Peaking Secrets: How Wrestling Sets A Foundation For Success Across All Areas Of Life – A Talk With Charlie Brenneman

“I know I’m going to succeed because I don’t know any other way”

That quote, spoken by Charlie Brenneman, embodies the mentality of a wrestler. You see, as wrestlers, we have an unfair advantage. The sport, for all of its grueling hours on the mat, days spent trying to make weight, and years holding ourselves accountable, prepares you for life like no other.

In this Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we talk with Brenneman, a UFC veteran and motivational speaker, about the intersection of wrestling and life. Both he and I look back on our careers, noting key moments where wrestling shaped our entrepreneurial lifestyles, and offering advice to young athletes. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how you can use wrestling to succeed in your career, your relationships, and anything else you set your mind to.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this episode:

Getting that mental flip to switch for kids – how long does it take? (2:54)
How fit are wrestlers compared to the general population? (5:25)
Which is harder – wrestling a 7-minute match, or fighting a 15-minute MMA fight? (7:58)
How the wrestling mindset leads to success in all avenues (11:15)
The top three things wrestlers should know when transitioning to MMA (12:50)
Is wrestling a martial art? Why wrestling is the base for successful MMA fighters (16:57)
How to address the reservations parents have about injury. Why choose wrestling? (19:06)
Is wrestling as an answer to the obesity epidemic? (22:10)
Why wrestling gives you an unfair advantage in life (23:59)
Brenneman’s mentoring program for high school athletes (25:57)
What wrestling has to do with entrepreneurship (26:36)
If you want to accomplish something big, failure is an absolute must (30:46)
Does wrestling’s nature as an individual sport push people to succeed in life? (35:42)
Get more information on working with Charlie at Charlie-Brenneman.com.

April 2021 Peaking Secrets: Ethan Reeve Strength Training

March 2021: Off-Season Break

February 2021: Peaking Your Team For Post Season Success – Late and Post Season Strategies

January 2021: Dave Cromwell Interview (Part 5)

January 2021: The Importance of Establishing Top Wrestling Philosophy Early in the Season

December 2020: Starting The Season Off On The Right Foot – Getting To Know Your Athletes

November 2020 Peaking Secrets: COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Behind The Scenes

July 2021 Behind The Scenes: Interview with Coach Brad Smith – Part 1

June 2021 Behind The Scenes: Interview with Coach Lamer – Part 3

May 2021 Behind The Scenes: Interview with Coach Lamer – Part 2

May 2021 Behind The Scenes: Interview with Coach Lamer – Part 1

April 2021: Interview with Coach Dave Crowell (Part 4)

March 2021: Interview with Coach Dave Crowell (Part 2)

February 2021: Interview with Coach Dave Crowell (Part 1)

January 2021: Russ Cozart Interview (Part 3)

December 2020: Russ Cozart Interview (Part 2)

November 2020: Russ Cozart Interview (Part 1)

Q & A with our Coaches

Q&A: July 2021 – Focus on Diet, Recruiting 3-Sport Athlete, Keep Opponents Off Ankles

Q&A: June 2021 – Counter Leg Riding; Changing the Finish As Defender Reacts; How to Demonstrate Moves if Coach is Unable

Q&A: May 2021 Team Building Activities. Mental Preparation for Elementary Wrestlers , Make Your Good Wrestlers, Great Wrestlers

Q&A April 2021: Covering topics on Fundraising, Teaching Execution and Making Drills Fun

CLICK to download an Outline of Questions &I Answers:

  1. We do not get a lot of financial support from our school. I would like some help with fundraising ideas.
  2. How do you teach the correct ways to execute moves in a way the youth can understand?
  3. How do you make drilling the basics fun? They only want to drill the “cool” moves, but they don’t have a real solid base on basic moves and positions they should be in to be able to successfully finish or get out of moves

Q&A: March 2021 with special guest, Jon Sioredas

DOWNLOAD an outline of the questions and answers:

  1. Give an overview of your first five years as a D1 coach at Cal Poly
  2. What was it like having your first AA as a head coach?
  3. What is the most important skill area to focus on for the transition from HS to D1?
  4. Recruiting advice for HS coaches?

Q&A: February 2021 Balance between basics and new technique, advice on upper body wrestling and getting kids to buy in offseason

DOWNLOAD an outline of this month’s questions and answers  

  1. Finding the balance between repetition of basics each day and adding in new technique.
  2. I would really like some advice on upper body wrestling.
  3. Getting kids to buy in to offseason work. They will work hard during the season but don’t have any motivation to work in the off season; lifting weights, wrestling, even a little.

Q&A: January 2021

Q&A: January 2021 Follow-Up

Q&A: December 2020

Q&A: November 2020


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