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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Mat Wrestling Academy In the Mat Wrestling Academy techniques, drills, situational TBW_Academy_200_wide1-300x276-300x276wrestling scenarios, conditioning drills and more will be released each week.

All of the information will be released in a sequence used to build fundamentals that work for first year wrestlers and lay the foundation for skills needed at the highest level of the sport. Each week GTA members will receive written and video instructions on enough techniques to fill one practice for each top and bottom each week.

These techniques will be accompanied by drills and other practice room strategies to help program these techniques into wrestlers and encourage a rapid transition from drilled skills to live match instincts. Week one will start by laying a foundation with techniques and drills needed for success at all levels.  These skills will get the first year wrestler scoring takedowns quickly and you can see college wrestlers working week one skills routinely to stay on top of their game.

Each week just enough will be added so wrestlers can effectively build their Attack Arsenal and not be overwhelmed or overloaded. If you are looking for a clear and proven path to Mastery of all Positions, then look no further because you have found it.  Combine the trickled out techniques, practice drills and training strategies with consistent hard and smart work and you’ll have the blueprint many other greats before you have used![/text_block]

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